Allen Galler

Full-stack Web Developer.
Focus on SaaS Architecture & Coding.
Interesting in PaaS, Wearable and Mobile.


The apps4coder Studio is focusing on creating awesome web/mobile apps for programmers or hacker.

We are shipping out some dev-tools, social and educational apps, and even health solutions.

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The ZenX Studio is focusing on creating nice and simple web/mobile apps for everyone.

Our main belief is using our apps to help people to live a simple and mindfulness life.

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Galler Media

The Galler Media & Arts Studio is a personal workshop that focusing on works that combine digital art and AI,

and creating a peaceful experience while using/wearing this works.

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The OpenSource Community that I am working on.

If you are interesting in PaaS/SaaS, you should visit DockerPool.

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As a book worm, I have proudly published two books:

The Arduino Book and Docker in Action

More publication is on the way.

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As a humanXD, I am a yogi and pianist who livs in Shenzhen, China.

Basically what I want in my life is being peace inside and making some valuable contribution in this world.

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